National and international under saddle...

stallion 3j. Quinar/ Carthago/ Corde la Bryére super jumper, for eventing as well good quality, under saddle now
gelding 3j. Clearway/ Sunset Boulevard xx/ Caletto nice jump with scope and light and easy to ride, jumping and eventing prospect
gelding 4j. La Zarras/ Cicero/ Follywise xx super canter, trott and walk und er saddle, jumps as well
mare 5j. True Life v. Literat/ Cicero/ Follywise xx Staatsprämienstute
mare 6j. Samira v. Carpaccio/  Landgraf I/ Corde pregnant from Canto
mare 9j. Optima v. Carthargo/ Corde la Bryère super jumper, pregnant from Carentan
... and others (watch "our young ones")
Horses bred form us  - now successful in sport and breeding:
Cicero 1982 v. Corde la Bryére a.d. Ligustra (Reservechampion aproval 1984)
Concerto Grosso 1998 v. Concerto II a.d. Caletta (aproved  in the USA 2002)
Cicera's Icewater 1998 v. Corofino a.d. Cicera (aproved in den USA 2002)
Calderon 1997 v. Contender a.d. Valencia (aproved in den USA 2002)                
Brilliante 1987 v. Ricardo a.d. Brilliante (2x  European Champion JR Eventing)
Classiker 1991 v. Carthago a.d. Brilliante (most successful Carthago-son in 1993)
Geliebte 1992 v. Lord a.d. Valencia (success in jumping and Int. eventing )
Itzy Bitzy 1994 v. Calando a.d. Valencia (success in jumping and Int. eventing)
Spiga 1993 v. Carthago a.d. Zamara (with Leopold van Asten success in Gran Prix)
Lucky Life 1989 v. Lord a.d. Valencia (S-Springpferd > 10.000 DM Siegprämie 99)
Lamina 1996 v. Sir Shostakovish xx a.d. Valuta (2003 2. Championsh. Schleswig-Holstein in eventing)
Cicero 52 1984 v. Corde a.d. Ligustra (Gran-Prix jumper)
Cool Jumper 1996 v. Carthago a.d. Zamara (successful young jumpinghorse)
Giandra 1992 v. Carthago a.d. Zamara (successful with juniors)
Just Incredible 1994 v. Leandro a.d. Beliebte (successful with juniors)
Mutige 1997 v. Abdulkarim a.d. Beliebte (successful with amateur in jumping)
Luftikuss 1991 v. Lord a.d. Valuta (successful in jumping and dressage with junior)
Lupo 1978 v. Landgraf a.d. Aumina (Gran-Prix jumper)
Mosy 1976 v. Ladykiller xx a.d. Aumina (successful in jumping and breeding)
Valet 1961 v. Waldenser xx a.d. Omfalia (successful with Fritz Tiedemann)
and so on....